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Spark Imagination Publishing

Spark Imagination Publishing is a full-service book publishing company. We exist to help you succeed in your journey as an author or writer. We are a premium publishing house that concentrates on helping seasoned and new authors and writers to flourish.

Our team of editors, writers, and designers look forward to assisting you in achieving your dreams as a published author.

Spark Imagination Publishing is dedicated to storytelling.  We are passionate about publishing books that make people’s lives better, whether that means bringing them a unique story, sharing moments of growth, healing, change and transformation, or motivating them to go for their big dreams in life.

We strive to make the entire book publishing process as smooth as possible for our clients, ensuring that working with us is always a simple and stress-free experience. We offer our clients complete control in the creative process as much as they want, and our friendly and dedicated team delivers their experience and knowledge along the way.

Whether you are writer who’s looking to publish your first book or a seasoned writer looking for an experienced publishing company to partner with, Spark Imagination Publishing’s inclusive range of publishing services allows you to personalize your publishing experience.

Our team of book publishing experts is always available each step of the way to guide you through the smoothest book publishing experience.

We have already helped many authors transform their stories into books, thoughts into chapters, and ideas into pages.


The slogan of Spark Imagination Publishing is “From Your Heart to the Page” to highlight the passion and care of founder, author Jacqueline Hayes. We analyze the strengths and interests of any manuscript to decide on a specific genre to design accordingly. We do proper research on the latest formats and pages during the editing and proofreading progression to give the best outcomes at the end. We provide professional publishing services for our customers at an economical price, e.g., copyright, royalty, distribution, etc.  Simply, Spark Imagination Publishing knows what it takes to turn a book idea into a published book. Let us help you make your dream come true.  

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